Welcome to Octavius.com.

You’ve found the little slice of cyberspace that is home to Sean “Octavius” Murphy.

Throughout the years Sean has gone by many nicknames including Burger, Murf, Murfdawg, Murfdipity, Murf-a-loop, Murfulupigus, Zimos, the Profound One, and Octavius. While all of these nicknames have their own mojo, Octavius holds court as the one with the most spiritual meaning and profundity, and so it became the ‘nickname above all nicknames’ somewhere in his 20s coined by his mentor, Dannion Brinkley, as a hospice volunteer at the bedside of dying veterans.

Octavius represents the number 8. It’s made up of 8 letters and represents balance and unity. It’s a derivation of octave–a series of eight notes occupying the interval between (and including) two notes, one having twice or half the frequency of vibration of the other; and a poem or stanza of eight lines (an octet). So, Octavius, by definition, is a person all about numbers, words, symbolism and sound. But most importantly, if you flip 8 sideways you get an infinity symbol. And therein lies the core teaching of Octavius. We are all infinite, spiritual beings. We do not end at physical death. Consciousness is infinite; and you are Consciousness. And as infinite, spiritual beings we all have great dignity, direction and purpose to our lives.


Through his education, experience and service, Octavius has developed a unique philosophy of life and expertise that applies everything he has learned at the bedside of American heroes. In effect, he studied what matters at the end of life to learn how to live life to the fullest. The self help system he created – based on his “PhD on Death” –  is a tool to help you Reverse Engineer Your Life, or what he calls Lifestyle Reverse Design, an homage to Dannion Brinkley and Tim Ferriss. Through his unique system of personal development you can create a life of incredible meaning, happiness and tranquility; and realize your truest self as an infinite, spiritual being of great dignity, direction and purpose.


Octavius developed his passion for writing, speaking and service with his mentor Dannion Brinkley, a three time NY Times best-selling author. Dannion taught Octavius to be a relentless hospice volunteer as a member of the Twilight Brigade, a non-profit that puts compassion in action to ensure no veteran dies alone. Octavius has received Congressional recognition for his 2000+ hours of service in end of life care with the Veterans Administration.

Professional Bio

Octavius is a serial entrepreneur and impact investor. He began his entrepreneurial career building a network of 13 niche real estate and luxury themed websites. After four years in operation the company and assets were sold to a private buyer where he consulted on the sale of LUX.com, one of the highest domain sales of 2011. Fairway Properties, Inc. was spun out of the sale where he then raised financing from 37 accredited investors and took the company public (FRYP:OTCQB). Fairway Properties, Inc. was sold to Medient Studios, Inc. and investors realized an ROI of 50%-500%.

Octavius’ experience in internet technology and media came as a partner at Niche Technologies, Inc., a venture incubator with an inspiring story of three brothers in business together. At Niche Technologies he helped raise $2.5M to invest in startups. He oversaw all aspects of the ventures and played a pivotal role in partnerships and negotiations that led to several acquisitions. Octavius and his brother, Michael Murphy, founded Vidstore, and after four years in operation, Vidstore was acquired by TNMarketing.

After Niche Technologies and several exits, Octavius founded Miracle Ventures, an impact investing company with a mission to tackle the planet’s most pressing social and environmental problems. Miracle Ventures developed a modest portfolio of impact investments, including Hemp Business Journal, which Octavius currently operates full-time as its publisher. His work has been cited throughout the media in Forbes, Entrepreneur, NY Times, Rollingstone and many others.

Octavius is a Knight in the Order of Malta, a U.S. State Department Professional Fellow and was a delegate to the White House Business Council during the Obama Administration.

Octavius received his BA from The University of Notre Dame where he double majored in Psychology and Theology. He studied entrepreneurship at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, rated by BusinessWeek as the #1 undergraduate business school in the United States. At Notre Dame, he was a member of the Irish Guard and hoisted the American Flag for three years before every home football game. His love and fandom for “Our Lady’s” University is unwavering.