If you want a true story full of spiritual insight and intrigue, you’ve come to the right place.

In 2009, I met The Great Wazoo, otherwise known as Dannion Brinkley, the world’s most famous dead guy.

Yes, dead guy.  Dannion was struck by lighting talking on a telephone in his house in Aiken, South Carolina on September 17, 1975. The lightning traveled down the phone line, entered near his left ear, moved though his (body burning off all his hair), and exited near the calf muscle of his left leg. The lightning welded the soles of his shoes to the nails of the floor board.

“Imagine someone pouring battery acid down your throat, and then multiply that by about a million,” Dannion once told me. “I was scorched from the inside out. That’s when I lifted out of my body—and it all began.”

It was Dannion’s now famous 28 minute Near Death Experience (NDE), chronicled in his NY Times bestseller, Saved By The Light. People say it’s sold 30 million copies world-wide, but I think it’s probably closer to 15 million. Either way, that’s a lot of books.

Allow me to paraphrase; the lightning killed him. The doctor’s memo from when he arrived to the hospital said “patient unconscious, no EKG.” He lifted out of his body, went down a tunnel, and had a  ”panoramic life review.” He then went to a majestic crystal city in what you might call Heaven (or another dimensional reality). He met Beings of Light there and these Beings showed him Boxes of Knowledge. The Beings said his mission on Earth was to create “Spiritualistic Capitalism” and develop “The Centers.” And then he came back to his scorched body lying on a gurney with a sheet over his face. He started to blow on that sheet and his buddy was shocked. He’s alive! A genuine Frankenstein. It took him a year just to be able to walk and feed himself.

You might be thinking a guy who goes through all this must be some kind of spiritual guru or enlightened zen master, but as Dannion says, “I was enlightning-ed. It was a phone call from God I wish I never answered. I had it coming.”

And I’ll tell you something. He is about as far from a fluffy spiritual teacher as a person can be. In fact, when you get to know Dannion Brinkley, he is actually an Asshole, with a capital A.

Of all the people to describe Dannion Brinkley, I think Art Bell’s characterization is most accurate. Bell, America’s highest rated radio talk show host in the late 1990s, described Dannion saying “there’s a little bit of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in him, yet he’s the most perfectly spiritual person I’ve met.”


(1997) Art Bell visiting Dannion before brain surgery to remove a subdural hematoma, a ‘complication’ from the lightning strike. Following surgery, Dannion had his third NDE.

I first came across The Great Wazoo in 2009 at the Metaphysical Fair in Denver, Colorado. I couldn’t tell if he was full of sheit, a brilliant spiritual sage or something else altogether.  At the time, I was a 25 year old know-it-all fresh out of a Theology degree from Notre Dame. I thought who does this guy think he is? Died and gone to heaven?  No Jesus? Beings of Light? No devil or hell? Dimensional realities? Spiritualist capitalism? No one actually dies? WTF?

He invited me to journey with him to Teotihuacan…”where man becomes god,” he said. “If you have the Catholic balls to do it I will give you a PhD on death.”

He had thrown down a spiritual gauntlet.

And so standing at the bottom of the Pyramid of the Sun, 30 miles outside of Mexico City, with a righteously good doo, my PhD on death began…


It’s been eight years since meeting Dannion and going to Teotihuacan. I’ve completed the PhD on Death and done a thorough psycho-spiritual study on the man behind the legend. I’ve observed and learned his secrets on death, and how to apply them to living well on the mortal coil. I am currently writing my first book—-an insightful, spiritual guide called The Teachings of the Great Wazoo.

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